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Why HR Analytics?

HR departments have been collecting & generating a huge amount of employee and organization related data. Unfortunately, this data often remains unused.


Analyzing the employee data to understand the organization's distribution, employee behavior patterns, and organization level problems help you make a good strategy to shape your business.

HR Demographics

Recruitment Analysis

Feedback Analysis

Attrition Analysis

HR Analytics Usecases

Recruitment Analysis

Unlock the power of your recruitment data with interactive dashboards. Let your data help you drive your recruitment strategies

Get Visibility on the current recruitment stats

Understand the effective sources for profiles

Get the candidate statistics

Know the status of job offers


HR Demographics

Analyzing the employee data to understand the organization distribution, employee behavior patterns, and organization level problems help you make a good strategy to shape your business

Know the current employee demographics

Understand the resource distribution

Get the new hiring stats


Attrition Analysis

Attrition in human resources refers to the gradual loss of employees over time. In general, relatively high attrition is problematic for companies. Understand patterns in attrition data so you can find the areas of improvement to reduce attrition.

Know the attrition demographics

Find patterns in attrition data

Understand the reasons causing attrition

Identify the solutions to reduce attrition


Interview Feedback Analysis

Understanding the sentiments of interviewed candidates help you understand the gaps to fill in your recruitment process and gives you points to maintain your brand value

Capture interview process status

Understand the reasons for the switch

Get the feedback on the interview process

Identify the areas of improvements in recruitment


Shriya Agnihotri

shriya Agnihotri.jpeg

HR Consultant

The dashboard provides ease to analyze various attributes of the workforce. It enables to capture a complete picture ranging from their age, work ex, understanding the diversity both regional & gender, allocation within departments, as well as retention & attrition figures.

The manpower needs and appropriate future hiring plans can be created. Highlights of the portal would be ease of carrying out a detailed analysis of all types which helps understand the present workforce demographics along with providing the concluding factors for future planning

Sweta Bidwai


Director - People & Organization

I personally feel HR has more broader role to play than what we are currently seeing.


I also see that the ask of an industry from an HR professional has changed a lot from last couple of years and we are all going over Data, Analytics, etc .  Now in this era HR needs tools and various platforms, dashboards , etc. to accelerate in their role and take uniform decisions.


Earlier HR had no data or rather I would say it wasn’t there in one place. Today at least we have all our data in one place and the need to analyse and use it in order to add value to the business is of utmost importance.

Anurupa Singh


HR Manager

This HR dashboard can provide valuable information by allowing you to read the data patterns in aggregate and present employee data. It can help to track the trends in your workforce and key problem areas such as attrition and identify opportunities for improvement. Overall it can help in reading the pulse of the organization

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