HR Demographics

Analyzing the employee data to understand the organization distribution, employee behavior patterns, and organization level problems help you make a good strategy to shape your business

HR Analysis / Demographics

“Human Resource isn’t a thing we do, It’s a thing which runs the business.” - Steve Wynn

Why HR Analysis?

HR departments have been collecting & generating a huge amount of employee and organization related data. Unfortunately, this data often remains unused. Analyzing the employee data to understand the organization distribution, employee behavior patterns, and organization level problems help you make a good strategy to shape your business.

It thus goes a long way in empowering the human resource department by  helping them to dig into the problems and issues surrounding the major human resource functions, and using analytics, guide the management to answer questions and gain insights from data-driven information at hand, then recreate strategies, make relevant decisions and take appropriate actions

Current Employee Demographics

This interactive current employee demographic dashboard helps to keep a track on key workforce metrics by giving a quick view of HR metrics related to current employees.

View location-wise and department-wise headcount of employees and analyze the possible way to segment and distribute the workforce population. Get an idea where employees spread is too thin and needs added resources or if there are available extra unutilized resources. 

Get answers of some of the frequently asked questions related to the strength and diversity of the workforce in the organization and inherent complexities involved in planning the further human resource policies by understanding the workforce composition with respect to gender, age group and tenure in the company.

Quick Analysis Highlights

Employee Demographics, Location Wise Resources, Department Wise Resources, Available Experience Range, Employee Spread, Workforce Composition 

Resource Distribution & Ratings

The resource distribution view mainly displays the experience wise distribution of employees across various departments in the organization.

Get a comprehensive overview of your organization’s talent pool by tracking the highest rated employees department wise.

It further goes on to help the human resource managers evaluate different strategies for selecting, treating, engaging and nurturing the talents for the future.

Quick Analysis Highlights

Talent Pool Tracking, Experience Distribution, Highest Performers

New Hire Stats

Dig into the data to identify the gap between hiring goal and desired resource pipeline by checking the number of new hiring done across various criteria’s such as designation and department, age group, experience range.

See where you are going in your recruitment efforts by comparing the number of offers accepted to those rejected and how many offers are rolled out and how many are pending. The offer stat overview shows how many of the candidates finally accepted the offer, how many rejected, how many are pending and total offers rolled out.

Plan your on-boarding activity and resource allocation by knowing the count of new hires based on their month of joining.

Quick Analysis Highlights

Candidate Flow, Hiring Stages, Offers Stats, Hiring Flow, Department Level Hiring Stats

Employee Attrition

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters to your people”- Julie Bevacqua

Find an overview of employee attrition data and identify the root cause of the issue by understanding the bifurcation of the employees who left by department and experience range.


Visualize and analyze the shortfall in workforce satisfaction and retention related policies and strategies by tracking the average length of time an employee spends with the company.


Lower employee turnover by knowing the different reasons behind employees leaving the organization. Understand which areas need more attention and thus recreate strategies in line to it to keep your awesome colleagues engaged, satisfied and stay longer.

Quick Analysis Highlights

Attrition Demographics, Employee Tenure, Attrition Reasons, Retention Strategy

Isn't it interesting?

Need the analysis using your preferred business intelligence tools? Customize your analysis by providing your data & custom KPIs and get the recruiting analytics you need on Tableau, QlikView, QlikSense, PowerBI, Dundas, D3JS. Integrate the custom dashboards in your hiring portals & analyze your requirement data to make informed decisions.

Shriya Agnihotri

shriya Agnihotri.jpeg

HR Consultant

The dashboard provides ease to analyze various attributes of the workforce. It enables to capture a complete picture ranging from their age, work ex, understanding the diversity both regional & gender, allocation within departments, as well as retention & attrition figures.

The manpower needs and appropriate future hiring plans can be created. Highlights of the portal would be ease of carrying out a detailed analysis of all types which helps understand the present workforce demographics along with providing the concluding factors for future planning

Sweta Bidwai


Director - People & Organization

I personally feel HR has more broader role to play than what we are currently seeing.


I also see that the ask of an industry from an HR professional has changed a lot from last couple of years and we are all going over Data, Analytics, etc .  Now in this era HR needs tools and various platforms, dashboards , etc. to accelerate in their role and take uniform decisions.


Earlier HR had no data or rather I would say it wasn’t there in one place. Today at least we have all our data in one place and the need to analyse and use it in order to add value to the business is of utmost importance.

Anurupa Singh


HR Manager

This HR dashboard can provide valuable information by allowing you to read the data patterns in aggregate and present employee data. It can help to track the trends in your workforce and key problem areas such as attrition and identify opportunities for improvement. Overall it can help in reading the pulse of the organization

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