Hydrometer - Hydrating is the new cool

Previously at Techknomatic, water bottles were given to all the resources at their desk which resulted in an unhealthy habit of sitting at the desk for a prolonged period and not taking walk at intervals. It’s not healthy in long run and directly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the resources.

A ‘We care initiative - Hydrometer’ by Techknomatic is a buzzword now in Techknomatic premises.

Resources are not only enjoying breaking their own records of drinking water but simultaneously they are realizing the benefits of staying hydrated while executing it with fun and frolic.

Techknomatic not only provides freedom and flexibility at work to their resources but also take note of the overall environment and their healthy habits.

It is important for breaking the monotony at work. After the Hydrometer concept was introduced in the office the entire team was taken by storm, wherein they were encouraged to get their water bottle filled from water station every time & additionally, an aesthetically pleasing and colorful ‘Hydrometer’ board was arranged for them to track the number of bottles they managed to finish.

Once this practice was adopted the results encountered were beneficially noteworthy as resources got encouraged to walk to the water station and fill the bottles to stay hydrated, also they started commenting and advising other team who haven’t marked their hydrometer tracker after finishing the water bottle.

Gradually the atmosphere is turning healthy and lively which is letting us look forward to increased productivity.

Being a Visualization company, we will convert all the captured data into an eye-catching dashboard so our resources can see their progress of Hydrometer.

So hey, how many water bottles did you finish today?

Have any comments or suggestions? We will be glad to hear them.

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