Tableau Consulting

Unlock the power of your data. Convert your enterprise data into beautiful interactive dashboards and use them anytime - anywhere to make the informed decisions at the right time using Tableau Eco-system.


Tableau Consulting Services

With expertise in building Visual Analytics Solutions using Tableau eco-system, we help organizations in delivering Tableau solutions by providing elegant Tableau consulting services. You can select the services from our list or customize them as per your project need

End to end Tableau project 


Our Tableau Professionals make your Tableau deployment process faster, easier and more efficient.  From requirement, dashboard design & implementation to publishing on server and administration, we help you in every step of your project cycle.


Our Tableau strategies comprise of all the best practices which are needed for timely and efficient deliverable.

Rapid Solutions

Are you stuck in your Tableau work and need some quick help?


We will make our consultants available who can help you solve your problems.


We will help you to overcome these hurdles which could be anything from complex technical questions to documenting Tableau workbooks

Innovative Solutions

Sometimes there is no straight forward solution to every problem in Tableau and finding out of the box solution is a time consuming task.


Our team of experts will work together to get the best suitable out of the box solution for your problem

Extended Team of Tableau 


We will work as part of your team of dedicated Technical, Functional and Techno-Functional experts (Customer facing or behind the scene based on your requirement).


We will ensure the right delivery well within time so you can meet your customer’s expectations. We also help clients to set-up and deploy Tableau

Dashboard Design &


Are you functional expert and looking for making your dashboards beautiful?


We have a dedicated team of Tableau consultants who work very closely with UI/UX team who will help you redesign your dashboard so you can deliver vibrant functional dashboard which will be reach in functionality and beauty

Dashboard Performance


Is your dashboard performing slowly and you are not sure about the reason?


It could be anything from dashboard design, data source usage, development method to server configuration.


Our team will help you identify the exact thing which is making your dashboard slow

Staff Augmentation Services

Constant changes in any business lead to a growing number of IT projects, where success or failure of a business is dependant on the ability to complete these projects on time and within budget.

Developing in-house Tableau capabilities to complete these projects can be a costly and risky venture, particularly when the IT needs of an organization are constantly changing. 

We have a pool of Tableau resources who can be made available to our clients on as and when required basis to avoid the additional cost of hiring, retaining & benching.

This model helps our clients focus on their core business areas instead of getting sidetracked by the issues of sourcing, hiring & training Tableau resources.

Tableau Consulting

Our Tableau Work So Far


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Why Techknomatic?

Experienced Tableau Team

We have Experienced Tableau professionals with hands-on experience of delivering end to end Tableau solutions. We can leverage Tableau to help you convert your data into insights within less time. 

Proven Methodology

We follow a systematic approach to build Tableau solutions with well-defined processes which helps you manage all the dashboards and changes without any hassle.

Less turnaround Time

We understand the importance less turnaround time in this dynamically changing analytics world hence we try to give minimum turnaround time for all our Tableau deliverable so you can take informed decisions any time anywhere

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