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Tableau Consulting

Unlock the power of your data. Convert your enterprise data into beautiful interactive dashboards and use them anytime - anywhere to make the informed decisions at the right time using Tableau Eco-system.

Tableau Consulting Services

Staff Augmentation

Select the services that fit your

Tableau project requirements

Onboard our Tableau experts to convert your data into actionable insights 

Techknomatic offers a variety of Tableau consulting services. You can select the services from our list or customize them as per your project need

Tableau Consulting

We will convert your data into interactive dashboards with the help of Tableau Eco-system

Staff Augmentation

Constant changes in any business lead to a growing number of IT projects, where success or failure of a business is dependant on the ability to complete these projects on time and within budget.

Developing in-house Tableau capabilities to complete these projects can be a costly and risky venture, particularly when the IT needs of an organization are constantly changing. 

We have a pool of Tableau resources who can be made available to our clients on as and when required basis to avoid the additional cost of hiring, retaining & benching.

This model helps our clients focus on their core business areas instead of getting sidetracked by the issues of sourcing, hiring & training Tableau resources.


Tableau Consulting

The project consulting approach allows companies the benefits of Techknomatic's Tableau expertise and helps in cost management and risk mitigation so they can concentrate existing resources on their core business processes. 


With expertise in building Visual Analytics solutions, we help organizations get answers to complex questions by drawing insights from the business data.

We transform the manual, time-consuming & tedious process of deciphering data into easy to comprehend, interactive dashboards & infographics which facilitate decision-makers to make informed decisions at the right time.

End to end Tableau Implementations   |    Tableau Environment Setup   |  Innovative Tableau Solutions   |    Dashboard Designing   |    Performance Analysis   |    Workbook Documentation   |   Tableau Server Setup & Admin Activities