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HR Analytics

Understanding the current resource stats highlights the diversity of your team and the overall organizational structure. New recruit details help you keep track of the new recruits who will be joining the organization benefiting the readiness of the onboarding process and project allocation plan.  

Social Campaign Analytics

Every company, brand or agency running the social media campaigns wants to understand the result of the campaign and its effectiveness.  Hence analyzing every aspect of the campaign to decide its success is a very important part of social media strategy

Energy Consumption Trend

Energy consumption dashboard analyzes the energy consumed by a power station & the cost associated with it.  The consumption trend gives a picture of consumptions of different sources, shifts, devices, and processes which helps you find the areas of process optimizations and improvements. 

Click Stream Analysis

The process of collecting, analyzing and reporting aggregated data of website visitors is called clickstream analysis (Traffic analysis). It helps you track how many pages are catered to the user, what is the site usage trend, new visitors vs repeat visitors & other user details.   

Crude Oil Import Analysis

As crude oil price changes based on the market, it is important to keep track of oil prices trend and the variations in the price getting imported over the years. The oil import trend helps you analyze the market changes and the fluctuations. 

Global Bike Inc Overview

Globalbike is a non-profit organization that uses the transformative power of bicycles to connect women and girls in rural Tanzania with the life-saving sources they need to prosper sustainably. The dashboard focuses on giving the details of safety stock by each supplier.

Hotel Services Stats

As hotel services business is one of the leading business these days, analyzing the services provided by different hotels gives a clear picture of franchise chains, hotel ratings, services provided, food & drinks availability which provides a quick comparison platform to dashboard users.

Funding Dashboard

Funding dashboard provides the overall picture of all the funding related information to users. The dashboard focuses on funding provided in the USA and gives the distribution & trend by states,  companies, funding rounds and different categories.

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